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Basically just a hobby artist here. Self taught and branching into digital. I'm a major gamer, and my passions usually include Lord of the Rings (my soul), Bioware games, and Resident Evil. Of course I do enjoy some anime and my favs are Code Geass and Trigun, but I have a lot of shows/animes that I love.

I use a Wacom intuos 4 tablet and photoshop for my digital art. I've been using photoshop for years and so it is a hard habit to break. I also use SAI on occasion just to experiment with. My gallery is mostly fanart, with some original characters/works scattered in there. Some old artwork of mine as well, and whatever else I feel like sharing/posting. Back in the day for traditional art I used pastels, charcoal, colored pencils and some inks.

You may use my art for personal use, but please CREDIT ME or else I will find you and I will not be happy. I also have a tumblr, and I will post my art there as well. IF YOU SEE MY ART ON TUMBLR PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO MY OWN TUMBLR I'VE PROVIDED. Please and thank you.

Also, you don't have to thank me for faving art. I fav a lot of things for reference, inspiration, and because I appreciate talent. No need to thank me on here.


More Questions - entering TMI zone

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 12:52 AM

1. You must post these rules (very, VERY Important )

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.

3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.

5. No tag backs!!!

6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people.

So yeah, these questions are by the lovely :iconevelyn-hope:, and I chose to answer them :)

1.) Tea or coffee?

Hard choice. I would have to say if backed into a corner I would choose tea, but such a hard choice because the only reason I would choose tea is because it is better for you than coffee, LOL.

2.) Are your creative intentions and what is actually created the same? For example: you listen to a song and it makes you want to draw something sad. Do you actually wind up creating something sad, or is something else created?

Sometimes. Sometimes I can't get what I am wanting to create out. Either because of time constraints or I just lose the energy and the feeling because I take so damn long to draw or write anything. When I feel sad sometimes I want to write/draw something happy, and sometimes I want to capture a feeling or an emotion or an idea that I am having. It's all very dependent on various factors. I do know one thing though, what I have in my head is often not captured well, or at least not how I saw it when I started, both in writing and drawing. Mostly I think that is my own self depreciation though, LOL.

3.) Are you prejudiced against anything/anyone and, if you are, do you wish you could change your feelings?

I think it would be unwise, and not entirely honest to say that I don't have any prejudices. It definitely isn't directed at certain individuals or even at beliefs. I feel also that there is nothing that I do not believe without sufficient cause and evidence. Therefore, I have to say that I have no irrational hate or make any preconceived judgement based on no evidence or facts or before sufficient knowledge. I am very open minded, but I often find it hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. As I said though, I don't really judge people or make preconceived judgements about people with nothing to back up my opinion of them. Still, I think we all have a part of us that is prejudiced against something. For one reason or another.

4.) If you were stranded anywhere, a place without people(forest/desert/ocean...), what kind of place would you like it to be and why?

Forest. A large redwood forest that had clearings and forest pools that nobody knew about but me. Giant trees and plenty of animals around. Stillness and isolation completely. Somewhere you could literally disappear into, and nobody could find you unless you wanted to be found. I love forests. I love the ocean as well, but forests just amaze me. I used to love just roaming around the woods as a child (that sounds bad, but back then it was pretty safe.)

5.) Going along with the previous question: how do you think you would do in that situation? Would you be able to take care of yourself until you made it back to people?

Depending on what supplies I had. I could go full out survivor mode trying to eat grubs and plants and such. I can start a campfire with sticks (at least I was taught how and have done it before, just need the right tools). More than likely though I wouldn't be venturing into the woods/forest without some kind of survival supplies. None the least which would be a first aid kit, some camping/camp fire gear, and some way to keep in contact with the world (like a satellite phone.)

6.) If you were to write a novel, what would it be about and do you think it would "do well"?

If I were to write a novel that would be a task indeed. With all the other writers out there, and with all the other amazing things that get published my "novel" would be one of those found in the grocery store bargain bins that nobody takes a second glance at. That is, if it even gets to a publication. If it were about my life it would be rather dull I think. I do have some OC and original stories, but I never thought any of them would be novel worthy. I could probably do a collection of short stories or a small series, but not a full on novel. I just don't think anyone would be interested in it. Especially not one about my life. LOL. I'm not so special.

7.) Do you believe in 'mericful death', or do you think that people should try and live - no matter what situation or pain they are in?

There is a point where you have to factor in quality of life. I have seen many people on the brink of death and unable to cross over. I have seen people long for death, beg for death, want nothing more than to die because they can't take the pain of living anymore. Not just psychologically, but physically. I have seen people who have lingered on death and for all intents and purposes have no life other than the physiological fact of breathing and having a heart beat, and yet their families hold them there, unwilling to let them go. Merciful death is a weighted term, but I believe there comes a time where people just need to let go and accept that the "life" the person has now is not a better alternative than a peaceful death. Also, the little known fact that people die in stages. It isn't like the movies where people slump over and just die instantly. Just like there are levels of life, there are levels of death, and being caught in between life and death must be some kind of nightmare. People should ALWAYS think about this before the decision has to be made for them, however, and that is half of the problem. When the person can't make the decisions and state their own wishes, there needs to be someone who knows what they want, and who will respect what they wanted for themselves. However hard that may be. To answer the question more personally I believe that yes, death is more merciful than "life" at some point. What that point is - that's the personal decision everyone has to make.

8.) While driving(or being driven) through town, and you see people on the side of the road asking for help, what do you do? What do you wish you could do? Help them, leave them, lecture them, or something else?

Lets say it is a car accident and there are people gathered around asking for help. I am actually obligated to stop because I know CPR/ACLS and first aid. It's called the Good Samaritan law and one is obligated to stop to render aid if they are trained to do so and know how to. Now, that being said this law is not enforced, and so while it exists here, people really don't know about it. If it is an accident (and I have actually had this happen to me) and the ambulance has not arrived yet, then I will stop and render aid as best I can before the EMS shows up. I have also rendered first aid to people (twice now, lol) who have collapsed or had something happen to them in public. Once at the mall and once at a restaurant. Now, if we are talking about those people holding up signs saying they need help -- help me I'm hungry, Help me I'm homeless, and those kind of people asking for help. Then I am jaded beyond belief. I don't trust people, and those people are more than likely lying to you. I've watched over and over generous and compassionate people be burned by scammers. Maybe in a sea of people who are trying to scam you, you might find ONE person who genuinely needs help. If that is the case there are shelters, homes, hospitals, phone numbers, and resources for people to utilize. I watched my friends buy someone who was "hungry and desperate" a meal, and they threw it on the ground demanding money not food. I've had people stop me in parking lots begging me for money, and then a day or two later see the same person in another parking lot making the rounds. Then watched them walk into the ER cracked out on Meth and Heroine and God knows what else. I've seen people offer to drive others to the gas station, or help them get somewhere, but no, all they want is MONEY. They aren't hungry, they don't want your help finding food, or a job, or anything else. They are desperate people for whatever reason, and most of them do not want your help.. only your money. So I drive right on by, and maybe I'm a cynic, and maybe I'm jaded, but I'm not naive and I'm not blind. And that is why we can't have nice things.

9.) Do you feel that 'Faith is a virtue'? Or do you want things more 'solid'/more sure and certain?

Hard question, but Faith is a virtue. That is a fact. Virtues can be dangerous, and Faith can be a double edged sword. It can lead to zealotry, and blind faith is dangerous because being close minded is dangerous. Not accepting anything because Faith and belief dictate that it is not so. That is willful ignorance, and that is dangerous. Faith can also be a factor that keeps you going, but it is personal, and it can be a source of strength, and people have to have Faith in something or they cannot function/ live. Personally I think there is a lot of things we cannot see and cannot be absolutely certain of, but that does not mean they do not exist. I like things more solid and certain, and I don't believe anything I don't have some kind of evidence to believe. That being said I accept that there are things I cannot see, and that I do not understand, but I have Faith that they do exist. They may even make sense one day and be explainable, and I have Faith in that truth. So yes, I believe Faith is a virtue, and we can't be certain of anything. The day you stop questioning because you're "certain" is the day you become blind and refuse to see.

10.) What is your idea of "a perfect day"? It doesn't have to be any day 'in the present'; it can be at any time or place. Use your imagination!

Simple. That is the perfect day in a nutshell. A day where everything is simple. Where tomorrow won't bring chaos or agony or stress. Where life is good and needs are met and you are laughing and happy and not bogged down in the stress that accompanies life and job and bank accounts and responsibilities. Physically a perfect day is somewhere not so hot, not so cold, a lovely fall day spent under the leaves, drinking coffee, reading a good book, spending time discussing things you're passionate about with someone you love. Laughing about silly things and generally not worrying about tomorrow or today because it is taken care of. Simply being able to go into a place and enjoy it. Enjoy being there. Go to an inspirational place - an art exhibit, a museum, a historical monument, a restaurant. Somewhere there aren't a lot of people to get in your way and where you can simply exist and relax and not worry about anything except what you NEED right then and now. That would be a perfect day.

Loved these questions Evelyn :) Philosophical answers as per usual me. LOL.

skin made by :iconyuhime:

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